Costa Rica’s Dogs

“Pura Vida”

Today I got a notification on Facebook reminding me of my past posts. Two years ago, to this day (June 18th 2019) I had been traveling all throughout Costa Rica.

Two years ago, after watching many travel vlogs about Territorio de Zaguates on Facebook, I knew I had to go visit Costa Rica. Little did I know I would get the chance to actually see it in person. I don’t remember exactly how it went down but I know this: my mom’s work associate offered to take me with their family to Costa Rica. My mom obviously knew my answer and when she told me I could go I was bouncing off the wall!

When traveling throughout Costa Rica the most amazing thing to me were the animals and not just the wild ones. The domesticated dogs weren’t like typical pets. They would wander the streets during the day, no leash or collar, but during the night would come back home. I actually got to see a first-hand account of dogs slipping inside back into their homes. They were friendly and obedient as well! One time at the beach, a dog came running up to us and we said in our high-pitched voices, “go home!” And off it went back to where it came from. I was absolutely shocked.

Overall, however, I think the best part was being able to go to Territorio de Zaguates or Land of Strays. It’s this amazing dog rescue shelter with acres of land being used to house these animals in hopes they will be adopted. They spend hundreds of dollars on food, vaccinations, and sterilizations each day. In the video above they said they had around 1,300 dogs on the premise during 2018. I can’t imagine how many they have accumulated now. When I went on their famous dog hike with over 100 dogs I realized even though I want a puppy from a breeder so badly, I knew I had to keep on adopting. There were so many in need of a home that I realized how important it was to adopt.

When I first came home there were always dogs around, but when I grew older and continued adopting dogs, I only really chose one of them. The others were more like handy downs from other people and my mom and I felt bad returning them to the shelter because they had lived in a home for at least 2 years now. We couldn’t just give them back to the shelter! This place purposely picks up dogs off the street after they were abandoned and I would hate to do that to a dog. Long story short, I love dogs.

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